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Day 32 · 10 Sept 09 · God Bless Eastman and Laird

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Yes indeed. I used to draw these guys all the time when I was in junior high. I might even say that I drew them better back then. I drew a lot more often. Hmmm. Imagine where’d I’d be now if I’d kept up with it.

I always loved the blocky/sketchy look of the art in those old TMNT comics. Now I look at them and realize what geniuses they were at value and shading.

These sketches are from Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles Volume 1, Book 32. I suppose I ought to mention that all things TMNT are licensed and copyrighted to Eastman and Laird or whoever may have purchased the rights yada yada yada. Don’t sue me.

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