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Day 31 · 10 Sept 09 · A Couple O’ Squids

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Squid 1

Squid 1

Squid 2

Squid 2

Squids. I love ‘em. Especially when they have one eye and no idea what’s going on. I think I’ll redraw #2. I like how one of the front tentacles is curled up towards his face. I think I’ll make that more exaggerated on the next one. I could also see that design as a glass dome with a free floating brain in it.

I tried out some new markers on #1 there. It’s doing OK. I’m using a different sketchbook than the one used in the first 20-something days. You may notice the markers appearing a bit different. I’ll learn to work with it. I think.

I saw 9 tonight. Ridiculous. The character designers on that movie are brilliant. I’m not just talking about the main characters either. All the little robots and bad guys were great. Mostly out of left field too. How do they come up with that stuff?

Also saw a trailer for Astro Boy. I will definitely be studying some robot design in that movie.

You are now free to go about your day.

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